4 ways to be gender-inclusive when discussing abortion

“I volunteer my time to further access to reproductive healthcare and education. I’ve spent over five years clinic escorting, canvassing, and tabling. I’ve attended speak-outs, protests, vigils, and repro rights conventions.

But it’s really difficult to be present in a movement that is so incredibly cissexist.

The fact of the matter is that trans men/ masculine people and nonbinary people (like myself) are severely underrepresented by the mainstream dialogue about reproductive rights, and this needs to change.

Some trans people have abortions. Some trans people need access to birth control. Some trans people could use the clinic access to get hormone replacement therapy. So why is it that in the five-plus years I’ve been involved in this movement, no one has bothered to even mention people like me?”

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no stigma, no judgment, no shaming.


When you’re making a decision about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, you might turn to the internet for help. What was the experience like for others? Was it painful? Did they struggle with it until the last moment? Did they change their minds? Did they regret it, or do they feel good or even great about making that choice for themselves and their futures? Unfortunately, the internet is jam-packed with misinformation and scare tactics on this subject, mostly planted by religious groups, and the authenticity of the first-person stories on anti-choice websites is questionable at best. This decision is yours alone to make and shouldn’t be subject to the personal beliefs of others. We want to offer a safe space for people to share their stories, and read about the experiences of others, with zero judgment, pressure or bullshit. Just real-life, first-person accounts.



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Study: Majority don’t regret their abortions


One common warning to people who are considering terminating their pregnancies is “you might regret it later.” Is it really true, though? Naturally, this is totally subjective, and some very well might feel regret somewhere along the line, but a recent study has found that the majority feel just fine about it. After following 600 subjects for three years post-abortion, the researchers found no evidence of ‘post-abortion syndrome.’

Furthermore, as Jezebel puts it:

There was another major factor in the small percentage of women who did feel significant regret post-abortion: the overall social support the women had, and the stigma they felt they would face for having an abortion. Participants were asked to rank, on a scale of one to four, “how much they would be looked down upon by people in their communities if they knew they had sought an abortion.” Without fear of stigma, the vast majority of women reporting feeling happiness and relief immediately following the abortion, with both relief and negative emotions subsiding over time.

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Photo: BACORR Clinic Defense/Flickr Creative Commons