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Story: Multiple medical abortions with no complications

Submitted by: Julia Fawkes Stuart

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The first time I became pregnant I had been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and we lived in a cute rental home in Connecticut. I was almost 25 and had a good job. So when I got pregnant there didn’t seem to be a “reason” to not have a baby.

The Decision: I sat on my bed, closed my eyes and breathed calmly, I was finally able to center myself and clear my mind (it took a few minutes to relax as I had been worrying about what to do for the whole day since I took the pee-test). Once I was reasonably calm, I asked the question to myself: “Do you want to have a child now?” The answer was so strong, and so definitive: “No.”  I kept breathing and asked the question a couple of different ways, and the answer was “No.”

So for me, it was clear; my body and mind said no, and an abortion I would have. Going deep inside myself to ask the question was important to me, so going forward I had no doubts that the decision was the right one for me (and over a decade later, I can verify it WAS absolutely the best choice for me!).


Story: Positive surgical abortion after having kids

Submitted by: Laura Slack, AMAMA co-founder [contact with questions/comments:]

Tagged: Abortion after kids, surgical abortion, positive experience, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

How I’ve struggled with chronologically where to start this story.

Not because the pregnancy and abortion I’m addressing itself is a long winded tale, but I know that just as many of you are here to weigh your options as are here with minds made up as are here to be supported and support others by reading accounts after the fact. The reason I’m having a hard time knowing where to begin is because I’ve run the gamut on pregnancy choices, so to speak. I elected to terminate my last pregnancy, but had given a baby up for adoption before that, and had two daughters that I kept and raised even before that. So I have a somewhat unique overview of “the options”, but I want to talk about the abortion first since that’s what this website was created for. I’ll cover the pros and cons in my experiences outside of abortion in a “part two” for those that are interested in exploring those options.